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History History
Lamar Wholesale Supply, Inc. opened The Light Bulb Shop to the public on September 1st, 1986. We saw a void between the lighting manufacturer, wholesaler and contractor to the end user. After the contractor installed the fixtures, it was sometimes two to three years before the lamps (light bulbs) were available to the end user, or if ever, thru normal distribution retail or wholesale channels.

All our prices are wholesale or below everyday, many of our prices are lower than they were 15 years ago, simply because of supply and demand. We only stock commercial, industrial grade lamps, not the residential types as of the large hardware chains like Home Depot and Lowe's.

One, our products give you longer life. Two, our products give you better performance, and three, greater value for your money. We will try and get any light bulb made, no matter where in the world it is manufactured. We are proud to boast that we sell to more small businesses than anyone else in Central Texas. We also service the large manufacturers alot of their everyday and specialty light bulbs. Our residentail and business customers have spread the word far and wide about our full spectrum and long life bulbs and our exceptional knowledge and service. But most of all, it is our service. We ask those important questions that help the customer get the right product the first and every time. No matter if it is one bulb or ten thousand, we want your business. We inventory, at any given time, about 8,000 different types of light bulbs. We have access to over 80,000 different types and that number is growing everyday. We compete with all of the major suppliers anywhere in the U.S.

Replacement light bulbs is our main business. However, we sell many other types of lighting supplies and fixtures. The list is endless. If you are having a hard time buying any type product, let one of our representatives know and we will try and find any type product for you at wholesale prices.

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