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Edwin McGary, the owner of Lamar Wholesale Supply, Inc., has been in the lighting business since 1966 and has witnessed extraordinary changes in the industry, especially light bulbs, over the years.

One of the biggest problems he saw was that when a contractor finished a project, and the warranty expired about a year later, the frustrated consumer had no clue as to where to find the correct light bulb for the installed fixtures! Or perhaps they purchased a fixture or appliance and couldn't find the replacement bulbs where they had bought the fixture. It was almost impossible to know what to ask for!

The end consumer was at the mercy of the big hardware or grocery stores, and they usually knew little more than the consumer. If it was close to the right size or shape, they would say, "Try it, it might work!". They still do it to this day and have no clue what questions to ask to serve you your needs.

Here at The Light Bulb Shop, we have trained all of our personnel to ask the right questions so we can sell you the right light bulb for your fixture or application. We would rather not sell you anything than to sell you the wrong thing. The last thing we want to do is risk causing a fire or ruin your expensive light fixture or equipment.

We try to call the light bulb you are looking for just like you would ask for it, in layman's terms, without all the fancy jargon you wouldn't understand. Over the past 29 years, we have developed a reputation for customer service and product knowledge.

If we don't have what you need, we will find it. That is what we are in business for. We learn from our customers every day. We sell only long life, commercial grade light bulbs. You can depend on us to tell you the truth. We depend on your repeat business.

We don't want to sell you just one time. We want to sell to you for a life time!

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